Solar Traffic Blinker Manufacturers India

Solar Traffic Blinker Manufacturers in India

Solar traffic blinkers have taken over the place of normal electric traffic blinkers in many countries comprising India. One of the primarybenefits of solar traffic blinkers is that they are pollution free and needs almost no maintenance. Furthermore, it is easy to install and maintain and cost effective too. They provide uninterruptable operations and hence, provide road safety and better traffic control. They are also energy savvy.
Kavita Solar Energy Pvt Ltd is a leading solar traffic blinkers manufacturer in India with excellent quality and safety measures. It also exports and supplies solar traffic blinkers.

Solar Traffic Blinkers- Functioning

Alike other solar product mechanism, solar traffic blinkers also comprise of solar panels which consume solar energy and then convert this solar energy into electric energy. Solar traffic controllers also consist of charge controllers which regulate the solar energy and protect the battery. Solar panels are directly connected to the charge controllers and charge controllers are connected to the battery.

Solar Traffic Blinker Manufacturers India

Solar Traffic Blinkers - Features & Specifications

Solar traffic blinker is easy to install and maintain and are very cost effective. It has good battery life and can run for more than 24 hours. This is convenient in the season of monsoon when the sun may disappear for days or two. Furthermore, it is reliable, durable and performs automatically bypassing any human intervention.
The solar panel is of 16 volts and 10 watts and the battery is of 12 volts and 10 Ah. Solar traffic blinkers manufacturer product are available in two colours- Red and Amber. It has in-built control card and solid state blinker and automatic dusk-down facility. Moreover, it has good visibility and can be viewed in hazy weather too.